Serial Networking: Introduction Page

* Introduction Page
* Contact Details
* Useful Website Links
* Website Update Log


* Serial Cable Networking: Pros and Cons
* Hardware & Software Requirements
* Serial Cable Information
* Network Security Issues

RISC OS TCP/IP Configuration:

* Configuring !Internet v4
* Configuring !Internet v5

Connection Instructions:

* Connecting to another RISC OS Computer
* Connecting to a Linux Computer
* Connecting to a Windows 9x Computer
* Connecting to a Windows 2000/XP Computer

Alternative Uses of The Link:

* Using a Linux PC As An Internet Router
* Using your RISC OS Computer as a Time Server

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This site is a resource for RISC OS computer owners who want to network their RISC OS machine to another computer: RISC OS, Linux or Windows, without the cost of a network card. This website is intended to be a step by step guide to setting up a network connection using a serial cable link between the two computers.

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